May 23, 2023

Renewable Energy in the Philippines Helps Businesses Through Energy Efficiency

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The volatility in the global energy system has been keenly felt in the Philippines as businesses continue to note increasing energy prices the past years. This trend is foreseen to continue as energy demand increases, matched by a scarcity in electricity supply. 

Given energy-intensive business operations, how exactly can you shield your business from the impact of volatile energy prices?

Practice energy efficiency within your business.

One of the simplest and most effective ways to manage energy costs is to ensure efficiency in consumption. 

Research shows that Heating, Ventilation, and Airconditioning (HVAC) and lighting normally comprise more than 70% of the electricity consumption of businesses – thus considerable reduction in costs may be attained through the efficient utilization of these loads.

  • Update your lighting system with LED lights and sensors. LED are energy-efficient and use at least 85% less energy and last up to 25 times longer than incandescent lights. Make use of control sensors to automatically manage lighting in an area.
  • Use appropriately sized HVAC for your building and install BMS (Building Management System) for your business. The BMS is a computer-based control system that enables businesses to monitor and regulate the building’s electrical and mechanical equipment integrating chiller control and occupancy sensors, thus, maintaining occupant comfort and safety while optimizing consumption and costs. 
  • Use smart plugs and power strips. Investing in these devices will allow businesses to remotely control devices and reduce wasted energy when devices are not in use. 

Choose renewable energy and pivot to sustainability.

Beyond applying energy-efficiency practices, another core driver to reduce electricity costs is managing the source of electricity.

Given fluctuating fuel costs in the global market, businesses can obtain energy security and manage costs by harnessing locally produced renewable energy (RE) to support their operations.

For businesses, the easiest and most sustainable means to switch to RE is by participating in the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Green Energy Option Program (GEOP).

GEOP allows businesses with a monthly average demand of 100 kW to choose RE as their source of electricity and to buy from their preferred GEOP Supplier. The electricity bought from the GEOP Supplier replaces the generation charge of distribution utilities for these customers, thus enabling businesses to manage their energy costs.

By opting to GEOP, businesses are empowered to switch to RE with ease at it does not require any installation or maintenance costs.

Manage Costs and Switch to Renewable Energy with ACEN RES

ACEN Renewable Energy Solutions (ACEN RES), the supply retail electricity arm of the Ayala Group provides reliable and renewable energy for businesses across different industries – from schools, condominiums, office buildings, manufacturing or industrial companies, and others.

Be part of the wave of businesses who thrive amidst the energy situation. Join the renewable energy revolution by contacting ACEN RES here.



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